Jan 24th, 2019

While foldable phones might be associated with Samsung, it seems that quite a few Chinese OEMs have plans to get on that bandwagon as well. Huawei is said to be one of them, Xiaomi has also recently shown off a foldable phone concept, and now it looks like OPPO is teasing that they could also have something in the works.

A post made on OPPO’s official Twitter account has hinted that the company could share details about a foldable phone at MWC 2019 which kicks off next month. While the company does not come right out and say it, the caption of their post has certainly helped to fuel speculation.

Previously we have heard rumors that OPPO could be looking into foldable phones as well, and this would not be the first time. There was even a patent filed a couple of years ago that showed that the company was exploring the idea, which could potentially be coming into fruition at MWC 2019.

We expect that 2019 will be filled with quite a few foldable smartphones and it will be interesting to see how the different manufacturers will position these devices. We also don’t expect them to come cheap either given that this is new technology, and since it is still unproven, we’re not sure how many customers would be willing to shell out potentially close to $2,000.

Either way we will have the details at MWC 2019 where based on OPPO’s poster, it should be officially announced on the 23rd of February, 2019.

Source: Twitter

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