Nokia’s sets the stage for a big comeback in the US with major carrier support


Buying a phone through a carrier makes sense because it can sometimes soften the blow in terms of pricing. Instead of having to pay full price for a phone, carriers sometimes offer deals that allows users to pay back the cost of the phone over a period of time, or in some cases, even get a phone for free.

If you are a fan of HMD Global’s Nokia phones, then you might be pleased with this bit of news as the company has announced collaborations with a couple of carriers in North America in which their Nokia phones will be made available through them. In the US, these carriers include Verizon and Cricket Wireless, and for our readers in Canada, it will be through Rogers.

Unfortunately the phones that will be made available initially – the Nokia 2.1 and the Nokia 3.1 Plus – aren’t exactly the most impressive of phones. We’re sure that fans and customers would love to see a higher-end model, like the Nokia 8 (which had previously skipped the US market), but we suppose it’s a start and hopefully will be a sign of things to come, like the marking of the slow and eventual comeback of the Nokia brand.

HMD Global is expected to officially announce the Nokia 9 PureView at MWC next month, but whether or not the phone will be available through carriers remains to be seen. In the meantime according to HMD Global’s Florian Seiche:

“We are extremely excited and committed to build long-term strategic partnerships with the leading carriers in North America. Our Nokia phone promise is distinct and built on consumer insight – European design and craftsmanship, excellent quality, latest Android and purposeful innovation that enhances your everyday user experience. We want consumers in North America to love and trust their Nokia phones.”

Source: HMD Global

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