Oct 12th, 2017

We’ve been back and forth on this issue, with conflicting reports and statements from HMD Global regarding just how “global” the Nokia 8’s launch would be. We first believed it to be coming, then that belief was stricken down, and then it was resurrected.

Now, it’s back in the dirt, and it’s probably staying there for good. An HMD official sought to put an end to the uncertainty once and for all, noting that the Nokia 8 absolutely is not coming to the US.

It’s an odd stance at first considering Nokia’s budget line launched in the region and they’d likely want their first flagship to keep the train moving, however the company cites banding issues as the reason why they simply can’t enter the US with it and be happy with the poor customer satisfaction that is sure to follow.

We take that to mean that the phone doesn’t fully support many of the country’s LTE and cellular bands properly, which would be a rather strange oversight considering they got it right for other devices, and because the Snapdragon 835 inside the Nokia 8 seems to have no problems pairing with proper modems in other phones. But we digress — it ain’t coming, folks. Nokia says to stay tuned for other devices which will.

via Nokia Power User

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