Leaked Android Q build confirms system-wide dark mode

Image credit - XDA Developers

A system-wide dark mode for Android has been talked about many Android versions ago. For some reason or the other, the feature has always gotten excluded at the very last minute, so you can’t blame us for being a bit skeptical when we heard that Android Q could finally bring a system-wide dark mode to Android.

Previously, this information was “leaked” by a Googler on the Chromium Bug Tracker, which has since been made private, but now the folks at XDA have managed to get their hands on an internal build of Android Q which confirms that dark mode is going to be part of the next major Android update, or at least as far as the developer preview is concerned.

Image credit – XDA Developers

This can be enabled by going to the phone’s Display settings, where at a flip of a switch, users will be able to turn it on or off. Users will also have the option to either keep the theme turned on all the time, turned off, or scheduled depending on the time of day. XDA points out that since other Google apps on Android already have their own take on dark mode, it is unclear if these system-wide settings will have any effect or interaction with those apps, like if the system-wide option will override the app’s setting.

Since Android Q will only be released much later in the year, it’s hard to say if this feature will make the final cut. Google has been known to test features only to remove them later. While it’s nice to see system-wide dark mode in Android Q, maybe temper your expectations as to whether or not it will actually be part of the final public release.

Source: XDA Developers

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