Google Search app adds activity cards to let you pick up where you left off


Thanks to technology that makes it easy to save the location of places you’ve been, phone numbers, email address, and so on, you wouldn’t be the first to wonder if all these technological conveniences could be somehow messing with our memory, and you are definitely not alone.

However, Google is hoping to address some of those problems with an update to the Google Search app that will make it easier for users to recall their recent search history. These will come in the form of new activity cards within the app that lets you pull down a list of searches that you have recently done and also the websites that you’ve visited as part of that search.

So for example if you were doing a search about a “eating clean” and were interrupted by another task and completely forgot about it, when you perform that search again, these activity cards will serve as a reminder of what you’ve already checked out so far so you don’t need to start from scratch. Alternatively you can also revisit the websites that you visited before in case you need to refer to something from it, like a recipe. According to Google:

You’ll find links to pages you’ve visited in the past along with searches you’ve done. From there, you can easily click back to that recipe that you tried and loved, or re-issue a search to discover new facets of that topic.

Users will also be able to mark pages to read or to reference later by touching and holding the link to add them to the activity card. Of course all of this will require you to log into your Google account for it to work. Google has already begun the roll out of the activity cards to the Google app in English and in the US, but presumably they will find its way to more markets in the future.

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