Budget Samsung Galaxy S10 could skip in-display fingerprint sensor

Image credit - MobileFun.co.uk

One of the rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is that it could be launched in multiple variants. One of those possible variants is a budget version known as the Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite. Now it seems that one of the ways that Samsung could make the phone cheaper is by ditching the in-display fingerprint sensor, a feature rumored to find its way into Samsung’s 2019 flagships.

This is according to MobileFun.co.uk in which according to information passed to them from their suppliers in China, some details about the upcoming phones have been leaked. According to the information, there will be three variants of the Galaxy S10: the “regular” Galaxy S10, the larger Galaxy S10 Plus, and the Galaxy S10 E which is supposed to be the budget model.

Image credit – MobileFun.co.uk

Both the regular models will get an in-display fingerprint sensor, while the budget version will not. There have been many reports and patent sightings in the past suggesting that Samsung could be working on an in-display fingerprint sensor for their phones, but to date nothing has materialized giving other companies such as Vivo and OnePlus a chance to get to the market first.

Samsung did state before in an interview with AndroidPIT that they would only launch such a feature when it works 100% of the time, but declined to provide a timeline as to when they think they might be able to achieve that. Could the Galaxy S10 be the first Samsung phone that could feature an in-display fingerprint sensor? Perhaps, but maybe not the budget version of the phone.

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