Here’s a look at the entire Huawei P20 family


We’ve been back and forth about what Huawei may or may not be bringing in their P20 lineup. Everything from the name to its features and design has been debated.

But this latest leak by Evan Blass seems to give us a clear idea of where Huawei has settled. Here are the Huawei P20, P20 Pro, and P20 Lite.

You’ll notice the family trait right away: notches. It’s time to just accept them, folks. They all look pretty similar elsewhere, but there are some differences to point out.

On the base P20 model, you’ll notice that the fingerprint sensor remains on the front despite the notch trait. The bottom bezel is slim still, but it kind of defeats the purpose. The P20 Lite, meanwhile, trades this fingerprint location for a logo, with the sensor resting on the rear like most devices are sporting these days.

That leaves us with the P20 Pro, which has the same frontal configuration as the base model, but adds a third camera on the back for God knows what. We know it’ll be something juicy and market-disrupting, though, and we can’t wait. March 27th is the date to look forward to.

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