Huawei P20 leaked photos show beautifully small bezels, volume buttons strangely absent


We know Huawei is planning something for MWC 2018 next week and it likely has something to do with a successor to last year’s P10. While we don’t know the name, the Huawei P20 (name TBA) is getting the hands-on treatment courtesy of our friends at Android Authority who have obtained leaked photos of an alleged prototype version of the device.

I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t expecting much and at first glace there isn’t much here other than the phone’s beautifully small bezels. I mean, just take a look at them, they’re so small they’re virtually non-existent, with the P20 possibly featuring the smallest bezels on an Android device to date. Maybe. We’ll need to a ruler to it when we receive a review unit.

The most interesting change is a complete lack of volume buttons on the phone, with strange indicators just about the power button cluing us into something, we just don’t know what. It’s possible this could be a touch sensitive slider used to control the volume (that would be annoying if triggered by accident), or possibly something else. It’s tough to say, so we’ll have to wait until Huawei’s reveal at MWC next week to get full details.

Not pictured is the phone’s three camera setup, something that’s rumored to be featured on the more premium Huawei P20 Pro. That means we could be looking at the “Lite” (or maybe even regular) model here, something that was also rumored. This is looking like one sexy phone, something that’s sure to please those who are looking for a high-end phone, without all the bulk.

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