7 Samsung Galaxy S9 cases you can buy today


Samsung Galaxy S9 pre-sales are about to get underway pretty soon. If you already have your heart set on buying one you’ll be happy to know that you can already start shopping for cases for it.

We’ve gone and picked out some of the best cases you can buy for the Samsung Galaxy S9 right now, and the best part is that they’ll all hit your doorstep before you even get your device. That ensures you won’t have to go naked for longer than it takes you to snatch the phone out of the box and turn it on. Here’s a look at 7 Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ cases you can buy right now.

Best Style – Spigen Neo Hybrid

Spigen’s Neo Hybrid case offers a delicate balance between protection and sleekness. It uses a two-part design where the bumper and back-plate protection are separate, but they come together to offer reinforcement in style.

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Best for Showing Off – Caseology Skyfall

Not keen on hiding your phone’s natural look? Caseology’s transparent hard cover might be more your style. It’ll offer the protection you’re looking for while letting the device’s natural colors shine through, something sure to be popular for those who are buying some of the more exotic color options.

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Best Rugged – Otterbox Defender Series

Expensive it may be, but OtterBox’s Defender Series case is our pick for those who need the ultimate protection. It adds a wealth of heft to your phone, but its design is such that it’ll offer full protection of the device at large, as well as covers for exterior ports to ensure dust and debris stay out. (Oh, and if you’re still a belt clip kind of person, that’s fully accommodated here, too.)

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Best Folio – Spigen Folio Wallet Case

It always feels good to consolidate everything you carry, which is why wallet cases are so freaking cool. Spigen’s Wallet S case for the Galaxy S9 can hold your phone, your cash, and all the cards in the world. Some people might not like having all these essentials in one package in case they accidentally leave it somewhere, but if you’re feeling bogged down by having to carry multiple effects on you then this is one to consider.

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Best Affordable – ESR Clear TPU Case

You can never go wrong with a good TPU case. They’re effective, soft, easy to hold, and — best of all — cheap! This one by ESR should do you just fine.

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Best for Your Car – Techvibe Slim Magnetic Circle Case

This little guy has a striking design, but the most intriguing think about it is how much meaningful brawn there is beneath the nice design. The rear of the case has a magnetic circle piece for use with common air vent docks. That ring circling the magnet is a kickstand on its own, too. If versatility is what you want, this is the case for you.

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Best for Cards – VRS Card Holder Case

A different take on the wallet concept, this VRS case is all about holding your cards and cash in a more unassuming design. A spring-loaded door on the rear makes it easy to access your things and also doubles as a kickstand, while the case itself offers hardbody protection with an edgy look.

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Shop More Galaxy S9 Cases at Amazon

We’ve only picked out the best of the best based on unique features, protection capabilities, and good looks. But there are many more cases that may fit your personal taste or needs better and we can’t possibly cover them all. Have a look for yourself at Amazon and see if you can’t get yourself geared up ahead of the big Galaxy S9 launch date!

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