Samsung’s upcoming 2-in-1 Chromebook will likely feature a stylus like the Chromebook Plus/Pro


Samsung is rumored to be working on a detachable Chromebook code named “Nautilus.” The 2-in-1 Chromebook is said to feature a removable keyboard for those looking for a more tablet-like experience. With Android apps now playing nice with Chrome OS, it sure makes a lot of sense.

There’s not much info known about the still rumored device, but it seem it could be hiding a little more up its sleeve. References to a stylus have been found in a few of the device’s code commits. Everything from inserting the pen into the device and the “stylus tools” menu that appears when you eject the pen. We’d imagine it’s similar to the S Pen digitizer found on the Chromebook Pro/Plus.

Development for the Nautilus began back in September, so it’s entirely possible we could learn more about the Chromebook at CES in a few short weeks.

via Chrome Unboxed

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