Turns out that you can unlock the Verizon Pixel 2’s bootloader


When it comes to buying Pixel or Nexus devices, one of the best features is the fact that the bootloader is already unlocked. Well, this is the case when you buy the device directly from Google, but those who purchase devices through Verizon aren’t so lucky.

However, it seems things have changed up a bit as a few users on Reddit who have been stating that their Verizon-bought Pixel 2’s bootloader can be unlocked. Users over at XDA Developers state that the bootloader on these devices can be unlocked with two simple commands using ADB.

In order to proceed, you’ll need to have ADB installed on your computer, and then you’ll need to run the two following commands:

  • adb reboot bootloader
  • fastboot flashing lock_critical

Once these commands have been entered, the bootloader on your Pixel 2 should be automatically unlocked and you can begin rooting away. Even if you don’t want to install a custom ROM, you can still take advantage of various root apps such as Xposed Framework.

For those wondering if you need to go through either Verizon or Best Buy to pick up a specific model, it seems that isn’t the case. Some folks on Reddit have stated that either device can be unlocked, and it doesn’t seem that there are specific devices being issued to different retailers.

The problem here is that Verizon was likely unaware of this loophole and may end up closing it sooner rather than later. So be sure to fire up ADB with your Pixel 2 and unlock the bootloader before it’s too late.

Be sure to let us know whether this method is working for you, or if you have run into any issues.


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