Change.org petition asks OnePlus to support Project Treble in OxygenOS


Project Treble was easily one of the biggest — and most important — features to launch with Android 8.0 Oreo. It sounded like the answer to one of the biggest problems facing Android since its start: fragmentation. With Project Treble, Google makes it much easier for Android devices to get major software updates by essentially allowing Google to update the Android OS framework separate from the manufacturer’s customizations.

For whatever reason it doesn’t sound like many of this year’s Android devices updated to Android 8.0 Oreo will gain support for Project Treble, with the exception of manufacturers like Essential who did mention they plan on bringing support down the road. On the other side of the spectrum is OnePlus who made it clear during an AMA that they would not be supporting Project Treble on the 3/3T or 5/5T. Bummer.

That hasn’t stopped some OnePlus fans from trying to convince OnePlus otherwise. A petition has popped up on Change.org urging OnePlus to reconsider their stance. So far the petition has collected over 5,700 signatures, so it seems there is a big demand to get this feature up and running inside OxygenOS, OnePlus’ custom Android software for their devices. The big question is whether or not OnePlus addresses these concerns again (or at least a little more in depth), especially after already doing so in their forum AMA.

If you want to help the cause, you can sign the Change.org petition for yourself by clicking the button below.

Sign the Petition at Change.org

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