Google’s latest app gives you more control over your mobile data


Android has included a way to see your overall data usage for years now, but there’s never really been a way to break it down granularly by looking at per-app usage and times unless you were willing to install a third-party app. Now Google is providing a solution in the form of a new app called Datally.

The app helps you understand where your mobile data goes by seeing your hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly data usage so you can see where most of your data is going. The app also gives you granular control of which apps on your phone can use your data connection by establishing a VPN to block the apps that you don’t authorize.

Finally, the app will help you cut down on data usage by notifying you when there’s a nearby public WiFi connection so you don’t have to rely on your mobile data if WiFi is available. You can even get directions to the WiFi hotspot and Google Maps will open with the location pinned to give you the ability to select directions depending on your mode of transport.

It’s worth noting that the Data Saver component of the app is pretty aggressive when you first start using it and it blocks all apps that have used data except for essential processes like Android and Google Play Services. You’ll have to fine-tune the app permit Gmail and other essential apps to have data access.

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