Say hello to Reels: YouTube’s new Stories feature for content creators


Community posts appearing in your home feed

In an effort to help “expand communities” on YouTube, the video platform is announcing a handful of new features creators can use to better engage with their audience outside of the usual video uploads.

Remember how impossible stories were to escape awhile back? We saw Facebook put them in just about every app they owned (whether it made sense or not) to see what would stick. Now it seems YouTube is following suit with their own feature dubbed “Reels.”

Content creators with 10,000+ subscribers will unlock the feature which allows them to post short video clips in the stories format we’re all used to. Where as stories on other services usually expire after 24 hours, YouTube says creators can keep multiple Reels from expiring along with other helpful options.

Don’t worry about Reels clogging up your home feed. It seems that for now, you’ll have to visit a YouTube creator’s Community tab — found on their channel page — to watch their Reels.

The beta version is still being tested before it goes live to more creators along with other tools for creators like the ability to post polls, pictures, text, GIFs and more, directly to their Community tab (and your home feed). It’s a way for YouTube to sort of mirror social networks like Facebook’s News Feed, only with posts from the creators you care about.

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