Nov 14th, 2017

YouTube has confirmed plans to do away with “suggested video” links. Creators will no longer have the option to promote videos, playlists, or live streams during their clips as of December 14. The reason for YouTube’s decision isn’t at all surprising.

How many times have you had the urge to go watch another video… right in the middle of video? I’m sure it hasn’t happened too many times. YouTube says that only 1 in 20 people actually clicked suggested video links, and many of those people ended up in dead live streams.

Cards and end screen video links are much more effective, YouTube says, so the company is going to focus on those instead. And if you want to link to other sources, YouTube wants you to use video descriptions, channel pages, or channel artwork. After December 14, suggested video links will disappear.

YouTube told us this will remove existing in-video notifications, which could lead to some awkward moments in videos where presenters point to pop-ups that no longer exist,” reports Engadget. Aside from that, the change shouldn’t have much of an impact.

For viewers, it will only make YouTube videos more enjoyable. We already have enough distractions while trying to enjoy our favorite content; one fewer is a blessing.

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