Google Assistant support comes to ecobee Smart Thermostats


Creating a “smart home” is all the rage nowadays with new products from Apple, Google, and Amazon giving us the gateway to control these products with our voice. Even more smart home accessories are being created, with ecobee offering one of the best options for a smart thermostat.

Today, the company announced that its ecobee lineup of smart thermostats has received an update which now includes integration with Google Assistant. Previously, ecobee had opted for just about every other OEM’s smart assistant, including Alexa, Siri, and Samsung SmartThings, but now Google users can get in on the fun.

The update comes to the following smart thermostats:

Once everything has been set up, you can use a voice command such as “Ok Google, make my home warmer”, and your ecobee smart thermostat will heed your command. The setup process itself is fairly painless, as you’ll need to make sure the smart thermostat is updated, and then add the ecobee device via the Google Home application.

Let us know if you prefer to use Google Assistant to control your smart home products, or if you would rather opt for something like Alexa or Bixby.


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