Nov 10th, 2017

Amazon debuted its new security system to help prevent porch piracy and we decided to give it a test drive. Rob had Amazon Key installed at his home in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday and his Cloud Cam recorded how his first home delivery went with the new system. The short clip below showcases the first delivery.

Check it out, the delivery man seems to be a little creeped out by the possibility of someone being home when he’s making the delivery too because he calls out to let anyone at home know he’s delivering the package and then he just kind of throws it into the foyer.

We’ll have a full review of Amazon Key and Amazon Cloud Cam has a security service in the coming days, but we’re eager to here your thoughts on this new way to have packages delivered. Most people have said they would be wary of allowing a UPS or FedEx driver to have access to their house, but Amazon has a Happiness Guarantee that insures you up to $2,500 in the case of something going wrong with your delivery.

What do you think after seeing a delivery in action?

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