Oct 10th, 2017

Ever got a notification that your Amazon package has been delivered, only to get home and you can’t find it anywhere? It’s likely that someone swiped your package while you were away. Amazon typically handles these situations by sending you a new thing free of charge, but these so-called porch pirates really eat into their bottom line.

That’s why the company is in talks with a smart license plate manufacturer that will allow delivery drivers to deliver your packages directly to your car’s trunk instead of your unprotected doorstep. The product is a license plate frame that features a secure box for you to deposit your keys in. You can then authorize someone to have access to your car remotely.

The report also suggests that Amazon is working on a home solution to stop porch piracy, too. A smart doorbell service would give drivers one-time access to your home in order to drop off packages. That seems like it’s opening up an entirely new category of theft rather than solving your porch piracy problem and I’m not too sure people would willingly embrace something like this unless you had a locked foyer.

What do you think of these ideas? Have you ever experienced porch piracy? Let us know in the comments.

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