The microphones on Galaxy Note 8 units aren’t working properly, but there’s an old school fix


When you first buy a new phone, you’re so excited to see everything that it has to offer and gain joy through setting everything up for the first time. Then a few months go by an that feeling of excitement wears off as you begin to see various issues arise.

This is the case for some Samsung Galaxy Note 8 owners, as there have been reports of the microphone not working properly. A few users have stated that the “Hey Bixby” or “OK Google” commands have not been working as well in recent months, but there’s a fix. Just blow into the charging port.

Yep, blow into the bottom of your phone like it’s an old NES cartridge, and everything should be back in working order. There are some owners who have stated that the installation of recent apps have caused issues, so if you fall into this category, trying to delete recently downloaded apps and see if that fixes it.

This problem could be as simple as dust from your pocket/purse caking up the microphone, but if there ends up being a more widespread issue, we’ll be sure to let everyone know. Have you been experiencing similar problems? Let us know in the comments below.

[Android Police | Samsung]


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