Motorola’s Alexa-powered smart speaker Moto Mod goes up for pre-order tomorrow


Last month, Motorola introduced a brand-new Moto Mod which gives you the power of Amazon Alexa in the palm of your hand. The Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa (yes, that’s the full name) is priced at $149 and attaches to the rear of your Moto Mod-compatible device, such as the Moto Z2 Force.

Motorola claims that the Alexa-powered Speaker will “make any place feel like home with the convenience of a compact, dock design”, but there’s a rather large issue with this Moto Mod. Whenever you have the Alexa Speaker attached, your camera will be obstructed, making it impossible to take pictures at the same time.

It’s unlikely that you would want to take a picture with the phone if the speaker is attached, however, it’s still something to be considered if you’re looking at the latest Moto Mod. Something else to consider with this Moto Mod is the price. At $149, this is $100 more expensive than the Amazon Echo Dot, and $50 more expensive than the 2nd-generation Amazon Echo.

The pricing doesn’t make sense as you could just order a proper Amazon Echo device for your home for cheaper than what this Moto Mod costs. However, maybe I’m missing something here so let us know in the comments below why you would want to use this Alexa Speaker Moto Mod instead of just buying an Amazon Echo.

If you want to pre-order the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon Alexa, pre-orders go live on Motorola’s website tomorrow, November 7th. Then, on November 13th, the Moto Mod will be available through Best Buy or Motorola’s website before hitting Verizon stores on November 16th.

Pre-order the Moto Smart Speaker


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