The latest Moto Mod attaches Alexa to the back of your Moto Z


Motorola’s latest Moto Mod is a doozie. It’s the Moto Smart Speaker, and its whole purpose is to snap Amazon Alexa onto the back of your Moto Z.

The speaker is ubiquitous, so you can call on Alexa to access her tens of thousands of skills to do whatever it is you need at any time, meaning there’s no button. It even works well in noisy scenarios, apparently, thanks to a whopping 4 microphones.

The Moto Smart Speaker boasts 15 hours of battery life, and a dock design makes it easy to charge the thing while keeping Alexa snapped to the back of it. Pretty neat stuff, it is.

And you’ll have to pay a pretty penny for it, with Motorola wanting $150 for the privilege. That’s not bad compared to some of the most expensive Moto Mods, but it’s still a hefty investment. But if we’re being honest, the addition of Alexa to your phone just might be worth the cost of admission. It’ll be out starting next month.

via Motorola

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