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When it comes to making your next purchasing decision for your smartphone, chances are you look at a bunch of comparisons to see how one phone stacks up to another. Well, Google has finally figured that out and has implemented the ability for users to compare two devices using Google search.

Simply type something like “iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL” and a comparison chart will be shown at the top of the query list, with a drop down to show more information. This gives you a head-to-head comparison of the specs for each device, along with pricing (although that may be flawed) and reviews.

The reason we say that the pricing feature may be flawed is that, in the comparison above, you can see the price of the iPhone X listed at $2000, although the MSRP for the base-model device goes for $999. Google got the Pixel 2 XL pricing right and even included carrier pricing.

As for those reviews, it seems that the results use Best Buy as a source, but there’s no mention of whether other sources have been included and will be used in the future. At least you’ll be able to quickly see what other folks are saying about a specific device, making life a bit easier when it comes to making your purchasing decision.

When it comes to searching devices on your smartphone, there is some additional functionality included. Off the bat, you get the standard comparison chart that you see above, but there is a “Detailed Comparison” option, which includes the ability to “highlight differences” between the devices you’re comparing. It’s important to note that this may not work for all devices yet, as we had issues when comparing the LG V30 to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

I can definitely see how handy this new tool will come in handy when you’re trying to make an informed decision before you head over to a site like Phandroid to learn even more about potential devices. Let us know whether you can see yourself using this, and if not, what do you use for device comparisons.

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