Nov 1st, 2017 publishUpdated   Apr 22nd, 2021, 3:01 pm

The Pixel 2 isn’t as flashy as the Pixel 2 XL, but it may actually be the better Pixel device this year. We’ve already shared our battery life first impressions and a bunch of camera samples. Now, it’s time to get into the tips and tricks. If you just got the Pixel 2 or are thinking of picking one up, here are the first things to do!

The Pixel 2 has an always-on display that Google calls “Ambient Display.” It shows the time, date, and notifications when the display is off. This is handy for getting a quick look at what’s happening on your phone without unlocking the screen. It can be on all the time or only when notifications arrive.

  1. Go to Settings > Display
  2. Select Advanced > Ambient display
  3. Toggle it Always on, enabled Double-tap to check phone, and New notifications

For more, discuss Ambient Display at the Pixel 2 forum

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