Xiaomi poised to overtake Samsung as the most popular OEM in India


Way back in June, a report was released which claimed that India would overtake the US as the second largest smartphone market by the end of 2017. A new report released yesterday shows that this has indeed happened, as shipments have grown 23% year-to-year in Q3 with a total 40 million units shipped.

This marks the first time that Indian shipments have reached the 40 million mark, but there are some interesting companies atop the most popular devices. Currently, Samsung is #1 in shipments, coming in around 9.4 million devices, but Xiaomi is rapidly closing the gap after shipping 9.2 million devices in Q3 2017. Filling out the rest of the top 5 are Vivo, Oppo, and Lenovo, who have always had a strong presence in the country, but have seen shipments rise by huge margins.

Even Apple has gotten in on the fun in India as the iPhone has reached the 900,000 mark, which is double that of what was shipped in Q2 2016. This is also surprising considering the fact that many residents of India would rather go after the budget or mid-range smartphone options.

Nonetheless, the top 3 smartphone markets are seeing a bit of a shakeup, with China still leading the way, India moving to the #2 spot, and the US coming in 3rd place. Let us know what you think about this latest report in the comments below.



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