HTC U11 could see Oreo update as early as November


Regardless of how you feel about HTC’s Edge Sense technology and its inclusion in the Pixel 2 this year, it’s hard not to argue that HTC seems desperate to claw itself back into relevance in the Android world. Android Oreo back in August, but recent distribution numbers show it’s mostly only available on Nexus and Pixel devices for now.

Noted leaker LlabTooFeR on Twitter says that’s about to change, as the Android Oreo update for the HTC U11 is in the final stages of testing and could be released as early as November.

Granted, that’s no guarantee that it won’t take HTC until December (or longer) to get the update out, but with other manufacturers like Nokia committing to getting updates as speedily as possible on their phones, it behooves HTC to try and do the same. It’s one area they can set themselves apart from Samsung, LG and a myriad of other Android manufacturers who take forever to issue updates.

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