Sony announces its first Google Assistant-powered smart speaker [VIDEO]


A day after Google announced a few new Google Assistant-powered speakers, Sony has joined in on the fun with a smart speaker of its own. Also powered by Google Assistant, the Sony LF-S50G has been unveiled and looks to be a viable option to replace your almost one-year old Google Home.

The LF-S50G includes many features that can already be found with Google Home, including the ability to play music from your favorite source, along with answering mundane questions whenever you want. Plus, Sony is claiming that this speaker will offer 360-degree sound, which is a welcome addition to any speaker making its way into your home.

With many of our technological devices, there’s a question of whether it’s water–proof or not, and you may be a bit disappointed to learn that the LF-S50G is not. Instead, it has a water-repellent coating, giving the speaker a rating of IPX3, which should be more than fine if you want to put this bad boy on the kitchen countertop or on your deck.

Pricing is a bit steep, however. Sony has stated that the LF-S50G will launch sometime in October with a price of $199, which is $90 more expensive than the OG Google Home is currently priced. Let us know what you think about this new smart speaker and if it’s something you’ll be considering once it’s launched later this year.

[The Verge | Sony]


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