What LG V30 Colors do you like best? [POLL]


The LG V30 was officially announced this morning and we already shared our first impressions with the device. We also shared some camera samples and battery life tests, but right now we’re talking about design and color. We have the basic silver model, but the V30 will also be available in other colors throughout the world.

LG is releasing the V30 in four colors. As you might expect, they all have fancy marketing names:

Aurora Black

Cloud Silver

Moroccan Blue

Lavender Violet

Unfortunately, we won’t see all four of these colors here in the U.S. LG didn’t specify, but we’re guessing we’ll only get the silver and black options. Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get blue, too. But if you could get any one of these colors, which one would you choose? Which color is calling your name? Vote in the poll below!

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