Google announces 3 new third-party home speakers with Google Assistant, and maybe an LG fridge


Google promised their Home speaker wouldn’t be the only Google Assistant box available for long. Today, they made the announcement that fulfilled that promise, with the company noting that three new speakers are coming from various partners.

We have Anker with their Zolo Mojo. As whacky a name it is, we’re expecting the usual Anker affair: affordable, yet quality. Indeed, it’s only $70, has two microphones, and fully supports Google Cast audio with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support.

Panasonic and TicHome also have their own speakers coming, the latter of which will offer something of a portable variety. We’re not sure what, exactly, Panasonic has in store, but something is coming.

Finally, LG is said to be looking to inject some of their home appliances with the Google Assistant. We imagine a fridge may be the most sensible thing to stick the Assistant inside, but the flexibility of the Assistant SDK makes anything a possibility.

Look forward to Anker’s YOLO Mojo Jojo or whatever it’s called to land in October, while all the other guys will soon have availability details of their own.

via Google

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