Samsung Galaxy S9 could be Samsung’s first modular smartphone


No one is really yet sure the best way to do modularity. LG’s first crack at it was a bit disappointing. Motorola’s is better, albeit the costs make it prohibitive for most average smartphone users. Essential also has their own take on it with a limited expansion bay. Project Ara? Well, that’s just dead.

Will Samsung have to be the one to show everyone how it truly should be done? The latest in the rumor mill is that Samsung is looking to take a crack at modularity starting with the Samsung Galaxy S9.We’d think they’d set a pretty decent example,

The word comes from Eldar Murtazin, the somewhat reliable leakster who says their implementation will be akin to Motorola’s with a set of pins on the back. We’re not sure if those pins would be more Essential-like or Motorola-like, though.We’d think they’d set a pretty decent example,

Regardless, we’d think Samsung is as well equipped as anyone to set a pretty decent example or at least improve on the current designs being flirted with, and we hope they’d also look to do this in a way that doesn’t make it stupidly expensive to enjoy. That’s if any of it is true, anyway.

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