Jun 6th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 11:26 am

President of Andy Rubin’s new hardware company Essential is teasing the phone by posting a 360-degree video clip that was recorded by the device’s optional 360-degree camera attachment.

The little dongle is capable of recording up to 3840 x 1920 @ 30fps video in this format. Our early impressions? Meh. It looks… OK. It’s not something you’d use to record a half-decent video for viewing in VR, that’s for sure.

The video shows the view of courtside seats from game 2 of the NBA finals. While it does give us a good idea of what it’d be like to be in the moment, its lack of clarity does ultimately detract from its element of immersion. We’re seeing it, we’re just not feeling it.

But maybe that’s OK. It’ll cost $50 for early buyers of the Essential phone. Essential does list its regular price as $200, though, and if you have to get it at that price tag, we’re going to suggest you go with something else entirely, like Samsung’s Gear 360 camera.

This is just the latest in bad news for photography fans who have an interest in the Essential phone. Just yesterday, we saw a photo taken from the device which looked pretty bad. It’s easy to chalk it up to pre-production hardware and software, but if your official teasers are looking as blurry as these photos and videos are, well, it doesn’t exactly instill any confidence in us. Take a look for yourself above.

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