Aug 9th, 2017

3 years ago Facebook introduced the standalone Groups app for Android and iOS. It’s not because the main app didn’t already have support for groups (this was actually added back in 2010), it’s because… well, it was during that time when Facebook was throwing anything against the wall to see what stuck.

We’re not sure how many people were using the standalone app, but come September 1st, 2017, Facebook will officially be shutting down the app. Facebook says they wont be allowing anymore logins after that date, while they focus on improving the groups feature inside the existing main Facebook app.

Facebook says they’ve learned a lot thanks to all the feedback they received from the Groups app, advice they’ll be applying to groups inside Facebook proper. Facebook still has plenty more standalone apps in the Play Store, something that makes us wonder how much time they have left before they get the ax as well.

Was anyone out there using the Groups app? Any last words or condolences before Facebook pulls the plug next month?