Nov 3rd, 2010


Mark Zuckerberg just announced that Facebook will be refreshing its line of mobile apps, including the much-maligned Android version. Admitting that the app currently available on Google’s OS isn’t quite up to speed with its iPhone brethren, the new Android version will be treated to many of the same upgrades. Two big addition that hit both the iPhone and Android are support for Facebook’s revamped groups and the Foursquare-like Places for location check-ins.

No word on when exactly the new version will go live. It could be concurrent with this announcement or in the coming days/weeks. We will dig into it and let you know as soon as we find anything. The new version, 1.4.0, is now live in the Android Market. If you aren’t prompted to upgrade, grab it with the QR below. [thanks, crazydog and our other readers, for tracking it down.]