Aug 3rd, 2017

If a boy received text messages from “a friend” urging him to commit suicide, is the friend a murderer if they follow through? That’s the question in the case of Conrad Roy III’s suicide. When we posed that question to our readers the decision was split: about 50% of Phandroid readers found the friend – Michelle Carter – should be found guilty (the charge became manslaughter, not murder).

Today the judge heard the closing statements from the prosecution and defense which were followed by a short recess. When the judge returned he delivered his final decision.

The Verdict: Guilty – 2.5 Years in House of Corrections

The judge found that Michelle Carter’s young age played a balanced role in the decision, acknowledging that she was a mature and capable young lady and her young age offered a greater possibility of rehabilitation.

Because the crime happened at the age of 17 she faced trial in jouvenile court and was sentenced to 2.5 years in a local house of corrections, among other stipulations such as an extensive probation thereafter. The judge forbid contact with the victim’s family and witnesses of the case.

Bottom line: she is going to jail for 2.5 years.

Do you agree?

Do you think the judge made the right decision in this case? Tell us why or why not in the comments!

The bottom line is that digital communication is serious and not a game. Cyber bullying and online threats from trolls, keyboard warriors, e-toughguys – even if meant for only entertainment – do not absolve the abusers of the circumstances they inflict.

So please: be nice to people, whether in person, on the phone, or online!

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