The Snapchat selfie drone could be Snap Inc’s latest hardware endeavor


Not matter what your feelings are on Snapchat Spectacles, it’s pretty easy to see how the video recording sunglasses were able to strike a chord with consumers. Snapchat is still one of the hippest social networks around, even if Instagram Stories recently crushed their amount of daily active users (250 million versus Snapchat’s 16 million).

If you were wondering what Snap Inc’s next hardware venture could be, you’ll probably want to keep your eyes peeled to the sky. Snap is reportedly engaging in talks with China-based Zero Zero Robotics, makers of Hover Camera Passport Drone. As some of you may remember (from our coverage at CES 2017 earlier this year), the Passport was a sort of autonomous selfie-drone that used facial recognition to identify users and follow them from up in the sky.

The higher vantage point could be great for trips, family get togethers, or any other activity you want to share with others. The Passport drone has the unique ability to fold up to about the size of a book, making it extremely portable and easy to throw into a bag or purse.

It was rumored that Snap Inc was reportedly buying another drone company earlier this year, so it seems the company definitely has drones on the mind. Snap Inc made $8 million off Spectacles last year, so if anyone could market a selfie drone for today’s narcissistic millennial youth — it’s Snap. Drones are still a bit intimidating for non-techies but something that can fit into backpack and follow you around could be the fun, user friendly product drones need to really, ahem… take off.

The Information | via The Verge

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