OnePlus 5 is getting the third color option it so desperately needs


The OnePlus 5 seems to be getting a new color option soon. OnePlus teased the forthcoming addition on Weibo.

We don’t know what to expect right now, as the teaser only shows a translucent outline of a OnePlus 5. Unless we’re going to get a see-through smartphone akin to those ugly transparent gaming controllers that ran rampant in the 90s, though that’s pretty unlikely.

More likely is a gold color option, what with such a shade being spotted in leaks in the weeks leading up to its announcement.

No matter what they bring, a new color option is desperately needed. Having options of just Slate Grey and Midnight Black — when the two look close to identical — just isn’t cutting it. Which color do you hope to see?

[via Digital Trends]

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