Jan 5th, 2017

It seems like drones these days are a dime a dozen, but few are as personal as the Hover Camera Passport. As the name suggests, the Passport is more focused on the camera experience than hobbyists looking to fly the tiny aircraft for their leisure. We actually told you guys about the drone flying camera back in April, where it was unofficially dubbed the “selfie drone” given its purpose.

The Hover Camera — which folds up to the size of a VHS tape — features a carbon fiber enclosure (so you wont have to worry about losing an eye) and easily slips into a bag or backpack. Once it’s been powered on, the drone can be programmed to follow your face and/or body whether you’re running on a beach, bicycling down hill, or doing just about anything you’d where you’d want to capture the moment.

With modes to follow, orbit, or spin around for a 360-degree panorama, there’s a lot this little camera can do. There’s no remote to fiddle around with either, all controls are done via the companion app which can also be used to transfer photos/video to your device.

The Passport also features a 13MP camera sensor that can capture 4K video (with EIS) and is rated for about 10 minutes of flight time. Should you need extra flying time, you can buy additional batteries to pop in on the fly. The Hover Camera Passport is currently available for $599.99 with the extra battery pack running $44.99. Whether it’s the next family gathering or vacation, the Hover Camera Passport could be exactly what you need to capture every moment from a more exciting viewpoint.

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