Motorola takes $80 off the Moto Z2 Force price for seemingly no reason at all


Not that we’re complaining, but the Moto Z2 Force is cheaper now than it was when Motorola announced it just last week. The phone is now listed on their website for $720 outright or $30 per month on financing.

That represents an $80 discount compared to the $799 outright pricing and $33 per month financing options we were greeted with.

We aren’t sure why the company decided to alter the pricing so soon. It was cheaper to buy it through some carriers, though that’s a trend we’ve seen in unlocked vs carrier-provided models before.

We like to believe the early worries of its shrunken battery size (compared to the original) and the scratch-prone ShatterShield display resulted in less-than-stellar pre-sale numbers, and this is Motorola’s way to begin counteracting that. That, or it could just be an error. Either way, we’ll see if we can get a more official stance on the change from Moto themselves.

Quentyn Kennemer
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