Motorola responds to Moto Z2 Force screen scratch reports


The Moto Z2 Force was unveiled in New York last week, but Motorola hasn’t had an easy time with the phone since it debuted. The small battery size and the high price, coupled with the large focus on Moto Mods has made many long-time fans doubt this era of Motorola led by parent company Lenovo.

Now reports of reviewers being able to scratch the screen with just a fingernail are surfacing as tech reviewers get to spend more time with the phone. When asked for a comment about this, Motorola responded:

Shatterproof does not mean scratchproof, and scratches can subjective. Motorola encourages the use of a third-party screen protector for added scratch resistance. Over the three generations of ShatterShield, we’ve continued to evolve the design.

This year, we’ve switched to a 3D design which makes it more competitive with other flagships, and we have test results that show it is just as durable as last year’s version. That being said, we will continue to evolve the design for continuous improvement. The unit you received was one of the very first production units and we do have an improvement in the works that consumers will see shortly after launch.

Hmmm. The company specifically admits to changing up the formula for ShatterShield, but says they don’t believe the formula results in any difference in durability. Meanwhile, we have some pretty clear evidence that there is a noticeable difference. What’s even more interesting is that Motorola says these pre-production models don’t feature an improvement that will be available on consumer models after launch.

Either way, if you’re planning on getting the Moto Z2 Force we recommend using a screen protector with it.

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