Aug 1st, 2017

Yesterday, Evan Blass delivered a full frontal shot of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. It appears that was just a morsel compared to the full meal, though, as the man is back with even more angles to show off.

The device is shown here in both black and gold. Before, we couldn’t tell whether the Galaxy Note 8 would take on the same trait as the Galaxy S8 in offering black bezels no matter which color option you go for, but these new renders seem to show the trait will persist.

It’s a design decision that hasn’t been popular with all of Samsung’s fans, but we imagine Samsung prefers it this way to make for a seamless look whenever 16:9 content has to produce black borders to show up properly on this 18.5:9 display.

In other areas of the device, we see the dual camera module on the back flanked by the flash and heart rate sensor to the right. To the far right of that is the awkwardly-placed fingerprint sensor that many have come to loathe. We were hoping the under-glass fingerprint technology would be available in time for the Galaxy Note 8, but it appears we’ll have to wait for Samsung’s next big launch.

Moving on, we also get looks at the S-Pen here. Nothing extraordinary in that regard: it has a pressurized tip, a multitasking button, and an eject mechanism, just like the Galaxy Note 7’s did. Samsung’s sure to have some improvements in tow as far as response times and pressure sensitivity is concerned, but that’s something we obviously can’t tell by this photo alone. All of it looking good to you?

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