Who’s behind the design for the Essential Phone?


Earlier today, Andy Rubin’s new company unveiled its first smartphone, the Essential Phone. This device offers an interesting take on the bezel-less design fad that is sweeping across new devices such as the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

However, while I was looking through everything this morning, I took notice to a similar design found in a patent that was granted to LG. The patent essentially matches up perfectly with the display found on the Essential Phone, but there was something else to consider here. LG is currently working on the LG V30, which is likely to be unveiled this fall, which explains our initial report that the patent would be used for LG’s next device.

But, similar to when Google launched the Pixel, the actual OEM was kept fairly quiet, and only thanks to some investigation work, did we find out that the Pixel was manufactured by HTC. It wouldn’t be outside of the realm of possibilities for Andy Rubin and Essential to partner with LG for the Essential Phone, as we’re sure Rubin still has some contacts in high places.

There are no specific mentions to the manufacturer listed on the Essential website, but we would definitely put our money on LG being behind the design. It’s extremely unlikely that Rubin blatantly ripped off LG for the Essential’s design.

As for the V30, it will be interesting to see where LG moves, as it’s unlikely that we’ll a device similar to the one shared by Evan Blass over the weekend. However, a new concept render has appeared which shows off what the V30 could have looked like if it used the same design as the Essential Phone.

In the video above, you can see the secondary ticket in use, as well as the display cutout for the front-facing camera. Who knows, maybe the V30 will feature a similar design, with the secondary ticker back in the fold, but only time will tell.

This isn’t earth-shattering information, it’s just interesting to see the partnerships between various companies to put new and innovative devices in the palms of our hands. Maybe it’s something that we’ll continue to see from start-ups and new companies in the future, but one thing is for sure, the Essential Phone look AMAZING.

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