May 15th, 2017

It seems Amazon’s Echo and Alexa are reaching that status of fame so potent that they become a Saturday Night Live skit. This is the Amazon Echo Silver, the Echo for old people.

It comes complete with that old-timey look, support for all the wakeup names your grandparents are sure to accidentally call it, and even an “uh huh” feature for those times where they’re telling the most boring story you’ll ever hear.

The skit is a real treat for techies who also happen to like Saturday Night Live’s current cast. Kenan, Kate, Lesli, Kyle, and Aidy knock it out of the park with their old people roles here. And the premise of the product itself makes me wish this were an actual thing I could buy for my mom who could spend literally all day talking to it. The video is above for your enjoyment.

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