Apr 6th, 2017

For the heaviest Twitter users, data usage can become a big issue with all of the multimedia that has to load in timelines. From still photos and GIFs to full-on video clips and live broadcasts, it’s pretty rich.

But Twitter knows that not everyone can afford to gorge on data, so they’ve introduced Twitter Lite. Twitter Lite is a mobile web version of the site which offers a minimalist UI and, in data saver mode, uses tricks live image previews to save on the initial data load instead of automatically loading each full image or video (and they’ll also tell you how much data it’ll cost to load that content).

Even better, Twitter has gone the extra mile for Android users on Chrome by using web push notifications to alert you to new activity. Put a shortcut to it on your homescreen and it’s just like having an actual Twitter app, but without all the bulk that many users can seldom afford. You can access it at Twitter’s mobile site.

[via Twitter]

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