AT&T offers free HBO to Unlimited Plus users


AT&T is sweetening the deal for those on their Unlimited Plus data plan. You’ll get free access to HBO, whether or not you subscribe to U-Verse or DirecTV.

This goes alongside other pre-existing perks, including a $25 per month credit for DirecTV, U-Verse TV, or DirecTV Now.

In case you aren’t privy to the terms of this plan, AT&T offers unlimited data, talk and text, including 10GB of mobile hotspot data which is slowed to 128Kbps after you hit the cap (but otherwise unlimited, too). Of course, the unlimited plan itself comes with a certain limitation of speeds, with AT&T slowing you down after 22GB per line. Still, that’s a lot of data for one line, and the ability to keep going without any added charges is better than exorbitant overage fees.

The plan comes in at $90 per month for 1 line, while 2 lines get it all for $145 per month, any additional lines adding another $20 to that. Knock off the chunks you get for AT&T’s video savings and it turns out to be a pretty decent value. Be sure to explore the plan options right here.

[via AT&T]

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