Mar 24th, 2017 publishUpdated   Sep 11th, 2021, 7:21 pm

Earlier this week we got a glimpse at an upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 accessory that looks to transform the phone into a portable PC. Known as the Samsung DeX, the dock will connect to the Galaxy S8 and expand functionality of the device by outfitting it will full sized USB ports, HDMI out, and yes, even a cooling fan. The only problem with the leak was the low resolution image of the dock, but we were still able to get a basic picture of what was being offered.

Expanding on the leak once again is who, not only has a much higher res image of the DeX, but a few official Galaxy S8 cases and accessories that will launch along side the phone, including European pricing. It’s the usual semi-transparent Clear View Covers, LED View Cover, and Keyboard Cover that we saw last year for the Galaxy S7, but there’s a few new entries as well.

A new Clear View Standing Cover props up the phone for better media viewing, while Silicone Cover has a grippy, rubbery finish. There’s also the Alcantara Cover which has a soft microfiber, almost suede look to it. There’s even an interesting 2-piece case and of course, everything comes in a variety of different colors to suit your tastes.

Samsung will also offer up a 5,100mAh Fast Charging (both in and out) portable power bank for 70 euro, and a Wireless Charger Convertible for 80 euro that can tilt and is covered in some sort of soft touch finish. Pricing for all the accessories is as follows:

  • Samsung Clearview Standing Cover – 59.99 Euro
  • Samsung LED View Cover – 59.99 Euro
  • Samsung Keyboard Cover – 59.99 Euro
  • Samsung Alcantara Cover – 44.99 Euro
  • Samsung Silicone Cover – 29.99 Euro
  • Samsung Clear Cover – 19.99 Euro
  • Samsung 2-Pieces Cover – 19.99 Euro
  • Samsung Screen Protector – 12.99 Euro
  • Samsung Wireless Charger Convertible – 79.99 Euro
  • Samsung DeX Station – 149.99 Euro
  • Samsung Battery Pack (Fast Charging) – 69.99 Euro

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