Michael Kors announces 2 new Android Wear 2.0 watches without the ugly flat tire


Fossil-owned fashion brand Michael Kors has announced 2 new Access smartwatches for launch this year. They’ll be donning Android Wear 2.0 and have some significant improvements over the first generation line of Michael Kors watches.

For one, they’ve found a way to get rid of the flat tire, and thank the world for it. A full circular display is much more desirable these days than ever before and with so many examples of how to do it, there’s no reason any OEM should launch a smart watch with the ugliness. Yes, we’re looking directly at you, Moto.

Anywho, what we have on tap are the Grayson and Sofie, the former being for men while the latter offers the woman’s touch.

The Grayson features a balance between sporty and luxurious in its makeup. Options for style include gold-tone, stainless steel, or black and blue ion, as well as 4 interchangeable strap options.

Meanwhile, Sofie pigs out on the jewels with its “pavé” bezel, and Michael Kors says it’ll have as many as 8 different plating and strap combinations.

Both watches feature rotating crown dials, AMOLED displays, and the Snapdragon Wear 2100 chipset platform inside. Look for these to hit later this year with a starting price point of $350.

[via Michael Kors]

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