Will you be buying Super Mario Run now that it’s on the Play Store [POLL]


For those diehard Nintendo fans waiting for an official Mario game on Android, the wait is finally over. Nintendo America has surprised everyone by launching Super Mario Run onto the Play Store a day early.

Last Friday, it was announced that Super Mario Run would be coming on March 23rd, but we guess that all the bugs are squashed as it’s now available. The game is available for free, but there’s a catch that everyone should know about. Once you play through the first World, which consists of 5 levels, you’ll be instructed to pay $9.99.

This is all fine and dandy if you want to get your Mario on, but what about those of us who also own an iOS device and already purchased it? Well, you’re out of luck. Despite connecting my Nintendo accounts to both my iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 3T, I’ve still been directed to the Play Store to give Nintendo another $10.

It’s a bit outrageous if you ask me, but I guess the company already planned ahead and decided to try and get $20 from us multi-platform users. The hype has definitely died down regardless, but that poses the question: Will you be buying Super Mario Run?

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