It’s official: Super Mario Run is headed to Android on March 23rd


It’s official, folks. We now know the exact release date for Super Marion run on Android and it’s March 23rd. This is according to Nintendo America who announced the news on Twitter this evening. Initially, Nintendo said the game would launch in March, but failed to give an exact date. With Android users being left out in the cold while the game ran its course on iOS — do you still even care about the game?

Our own Joe Fedewa took a look at Super Mario Run back in December and although he felt like it was a nostalgic runner game, in the end he felt the $10 price tag was a bit too steep to fully commit. According to early numbers, it seems only 5% of people who downloaded the game — more than 78 million people — ever ponied up the 10 bucks to unlock the full game. Despite this, the game still earned a cool $14 million in its first 3 days of going live in the App Store.

For those still interested in at least playing the first few levels for free, you can still register to be notified when it goes live in the Google Play Store by visiting the link below.

Register on Google Play

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