LG Pay is finally coming to users with the LG G6… if you live in Korea


LG Pay has been rumored for sometime, with initial plans including a physical card which can be used. We knew that LG would be looking to take on the likes of Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and Apple Pay, but there hasn’t been much rumored recently. That was true, until today.

LG’s first attempt at a “mobile” payment system

A new report claims that LG plans to use the LG G6 and launch the company’s mobile payment system this June. However, before you get all excited, and if you read the title you already know the bad news. This will be limited to owners of the LG G6 in the company’s home country of Korea.

The service will be extremely similar to that which has been seen with Samsung Pay. This means that you’ll only need to hold your device next to the credit card terminal, and your purchase will be completed.

LG has also confirmed plans to roll out LG Pay to other devices, but specifics are unknown at this time. What’s also unknown is when/if we’ll see this come to this side of the world.

It’s likely that the company is using Korea as its testing grounds of sorts, while it continues to work with credit card companies here in the States. All we can say as that we hope to see this come sooner rather than later.

Let us know whether you would use LG Pay if it were made available for your LG device of choice.

[Reuters | Yonhap News]


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