Lenovo changes Moto branding back to Motorola again


Lenovo acquired Motorola back in 2014 and they’ve had a hard time figuring out branding ever since. At first, it seemed they were going to phase out the Motorola brand completely. Then they went with “Moto by Lenovo,” which eventually became simply “Moto.” Now, it sounds like the “Motorola” brand is making a comeback

A new leadership team at Lenovo has decided to embrace the full Motorola name and logo. Motorola is the company that invented the cellphone. Lenovo hopes to tap into that reputation, which is something Lenovo doesn’t have in the phone market. However, Lenovo won’t make the switch overnight. In some places, the Lenovo brand carries more weight.

Lenovo plans to really push the Moto Z and Moto Mods concept even more this year. They had great success with sales actually increasing over time as users discovered the Mods. One thing they don’t plan on doing is smartwatches. A Motorola chairman said they “don’t want to be in the business of doing a product for the sake of doing a product.” We’re excited to see what Motorola does this year.

[via CNET]

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