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Well, the dust from Mobile World Congress 2017 is settling and we now have a clearer picture of 2017’s early offerings. With that, we’re pretty sure our list of the best Android phones is about to get shaken up quite violently in the weeks and months to come.

Let’s start with the LG G6, which was one of the most impressive outings at Mobile World Congress. LG hasn’t reinvented the wheel much with the device, save for a unique 18:9 aspect ratio to enable some very cool design quirks (or very awkward, depending on how adaptable your hands are). But that’s what we asked for: drop the gimmicks, deliver the goods in full force.

Another big announcement: the Samsung Galaxy S8. Of course, we can’t predict the impact of the device’s presence on our best phones list with totality considering the device has only been announced in name, but we know (and expect) enough by now to know Samsung will earn a place on this list.

Sony wasn’t to be outdone with the Xperia XZ Premium showing its face. If you ever had doubts the Xperia X lineup would be little more than mid-range material, guess again. It has a 4K display and one of the very first phones with a Snapdragon 835. And yes, that bezel is still painfully large.

Then there’s Huawei, whose P10 and P10 Plus join the Huawei Mate 9 in representing how far Huawei has come as not only a hardware company, but a software company, as well.

Don’t forget that we still have the HTC U Ultra and HTC U Play to consider, both of which were announced shortly after CES, but as HTC is taking their sweet time rolling them out we haven’t yet been able to determine their worth in the ranks.

Of course, Mobile World Congress brought us much more goodness than that. The new Nokia family looks hot, but will probably find more appropriate homes on our list of the best cheap Android phones. Check the Moto G5 and G5 Plus off for the same reason.

The BlackBerry KeyOne could also get some love, but we aren’t sure the keyboard alone could earn it top marks. And the Xperia XA1 phones aren’t the hottest of Sony’s crop, but they seem pretty good for their worth.

And that’s why we love new years. Tons of new phones on tap to demand even more dollars that we can’t seem to stop throwing at them. For now, our list isn’t changing much, but once we’ve had a chance to review these phones in full force expect to see them challenging 2016’s champions for spots of their own.

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